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    This R&B/Soul songstress was born and raised on the tough streets of Chicago's south side. Hailing from a family of singers native to Mississippi, passionate expression through the gift of song came second nature and has been her love since childhood. Her awesome personality paired with her warm yet powerful spirit makes great for creating truly heartfelt music delivered by a most powerfully gifted voice.
     Growing up in tough surroundings, J found herself face to face with the all too common struggles of poverty, bullying and family discord but her gift of voice would become her refuge and eventually her escape from those hardships plaguing her childhood. She'd grow to understand  that with every listening ear came the opportunity to turn a bad day into a better one for someone else. Realizing there was power in channeling her energy on LOVE, she used music as a vessel to help others learn to love both themselves and others.
     J captivates and remind audiences of the power in focusing on LOVE, during a time when it seems to be lacking most across the globe. Through Love of God, self, relationships, life, triumphs and the lessons learned from failure, J delivers on showcasing LOVE in the light it deserves and with a signature sound that continues to allow her to sway emotions and bring that LOVE into the life of others. With an energy rooted in God first, J spends her time and life dedicated to exuding love, happiness, motivation and power through LOVE, LIFE and R&B.

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