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"Music is......BEAUTIFUL! Because music is beautiful, we are all beautiful. For there is Music in all things, including you! Through Music we are able to remind each other just how beautiful LIFE & LOVE is!"


"When you are passionate about your music, that is when the world is able to connect with how you feel! We are able to laugh together, cry together, live together and LOVE together! If I can love me, then that means you can love you!​"


"Music always brings me peace. Music heals the heart and soul and strengthens the bond between our mind and spirit. Great music has the power to bring us to that "Great Place" where we are able to grow into loving everything around us!"


"Above all, music brings me the greatest JOY! It is what God has lined me up with and what I am most thankful for! It is how I am able to smile and laugh with the world! Even in the midst of things that seem difficult, music always brings Joy! Music always has been and always will be here to keep us feeling good! For me, that means HAPPINESS is always just around the corner!"

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